The Scriabin Society of America (SSA) is pleased to announce its upcoming celebration of Alexander Scriabin’s sesquicentennial anniversary, “International Scriabin 150 Festival”.  Held virtually over November 11-13, 2022 (10am-6pm EST daily) via Zoom, this festival will feature a wide variety of performances and presentations.  This festival has been organized by the SSA executive leadership: Dmitry Rachmanov, President; Matthew Bengtson, Vice-President; Farhan Malik, Treasurer; James Palmer, Secretary; and Sherry Grant, International Liaison.  

Highlights of this festival will include masterclasses given by Anatole Leikin and Jerome Lowenthal and lectures by noted scholars Sean Day, Rebecca Mitchell, Jay Reise, David Proud, Harlow Robinson, and Murray Steniford on a broad array of topics, including musicological scholarship, philosophy, theosophy, and synesthesia.  The festival will feature performances by outstanding piano students of today and by prize-winning pianists Anna Fedorova, Bruno Vlahek, and Alexey Chernov.  The SSA executive officers will each share a special presentation, including performances by Dmitry Rachmanov and Matthew Bengtson, a lecture-recital by James Palmer, a lecture on pioneering Scriabin recordings by Farhan Malik, and a reading of love poetry for Scriabin written by Sherry Grant.  The festival will also feature engaging presentations from visual artist Bobbi Bicker collaborating with pianist Yoon Seok Shin (Young Steinway Artist) and poet Sherry Grant; pianist Martin Kaptein (founder of the Scriabin Club); composer-orchestrator Thomas Goss; conductor-composer Gianmaria Griglio; haiku poet Owen Bullock; jazz pianists Mike del Ferro, Aaron Mobley and Jezrael Lucero improvising on Scriabin’s music; Rae de Lisle on injury prevention; and Joe Patrych on recording Scriabin’s music.  True to Scriabin’s penchant for integrating different art forms, the festival will also feature a short-form poetry competition based on Scriabin’s music, judged by John Stevenson, Ron C. Moss, Garry Gay and John Thompson.  The festival will conclude with the world premiere of Scriabin in the Himalayas, a film by Jarek Kotomski documenting the 2015 festival that celebrated Scriabin’s legendary Mysterium. This film features performances by Matthew Bengtson. There will also be panel discussions where presenters and festival attendees are encouraged to interact on Zoom on various topics.

Access to this festival can be gained two ways.  Members of the Scriabin Society of America will receive automatic access as part of their membership.  Click here to join the SSA. Non-members can access the festival by paying a small fee.  Non-member registration information can be found under the “Registration (non-members)” page.

Click below to download the official poster for the festival: