The Scriabin Society of America would like to wish all members and friends a happy holiday season!  As we enter this season, please consider donating to the SSA by becoming a member or renewing your membership.  The SSA is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3), and any donations made are tax-deductible. Your continued generosity will help the SSA to meet its goal of increasing the number of events it organizes each year throughout the country.  Members also have access to exclusive scholarly publications, such as its upcoming 16th Journal to be published online in December 2023, as well as archived journal publications.  Thank you!

The Scriabin Society of America celebrates the extraordinary, visionary genius of Alexander Scriabin. The Society aspires to be a focal point for those interested in Scriabin’s music and creative legacy, to support scholarly, performance and creative projects related to Scriabin, and to promote activities relevant to the composer’s heritage.

The Scriabin Society of America mourns the recent passing of longtime friend Joe Patrych. The SSA has compiled tributes to Joe that can be read here.

Scriabin Society of America Summer 2023 Newsletter